The Situation

To Gov. Mike Parson and the members of the Missouri General Assembly,

Missouri can’t wait for action on our crumbling transportation infrastructure. We need immediate solutions to this problem as we continue to confront the COVID-19 pandemic — recognizing that our state’s transportation infrastructure is critical to our recovery. The best thing Missouri can do to bolster our economic recovery is to invest in our infrastructure.

As a central state, Missouri’s economy thrives on our connections. We sit at the axis of trade across North America. Past generations built the highways, rail lines, river connections and air hubs that power Missouri’s economy today. Now it’s our turn to repair these vital assets and build the infrastructure needed to help our economy grow.

There is a huge cost to failing to act. Our vital economic connections are currently languishing and deteriorating. Missouri has the nation’s seventh largest transportation system, yet our funding ranks 45th in revenue per mile. Across the nation, the average state funds its transportation system at $241,277 per mile, while Missouri dedicates only $57,151 per mile. This has left Missouri with $825 million in annual unfunded high-priority transportation needs.

The result is a road system that creates excessive congestion, wears down vehicles prematurely and lacks modern accident prevention features — leading to $8 billion in annual hidden costs and putting Missourians’ lives at risk each day.

We urge Gov. Parson and Missouri lawmakers to immediately find a way to address this problem. We must act now. Missouri can’t wait.

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